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Quincy Criminal Defense

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Quincy Criminal Defense

The Quincy District Court is located at 1 Dennis Ryan Parkway in Quincy, MA. This court is where all cases that originate out of Cohasset, Holbrook, Quincy, Milton, Randolph, and Weymouth are handled. A surprisingly busy court, Quincy District Court often has at least 5 courtrooms open at a time. All cases in the Quincy District Court are prosecuted by the Norfolk County District Attorney’s Office.

Common Quincy Charges

Quincy Criminal Defense Attorney James G. DeGiacomo has handled many cases out of the Quincy District Court. Here are some of the most common charges that are seen:

  • DUI: Also known as OUI, DUI charges are common, especially in the surrounding towns that lack public transportation and on Routes 3 and 93. Due to the consequences of OUIs, such as jail time, license suspension, and fines, it is important to call a Quincy DUI attorney immediately if you are charged with DUI.
  • Assault & Battery: Assault and battery cases, especially domestic assault and battery cases often times need an experienced Quincy Criminal Defense Lawyer – even when the complaining witness wants to drop the charges. The reason for this is that the prosecutors won’t drop assault and battery charges just because the alleged victim wants them to do so, instead, they will either push the accused to trial or force a plea. Because of this an experienced Criminal Defense Attorney is needed to ensure that your rights are protected. If you’ve been charged with assault and battery, call an experienced Quincy Criminal Defense Attorney.

Attorney James G. DeGiacomo

James G. DeGiacomo is an experienced Quincy Criminal Defense Attorney who has successfully defended many clients in the Quincy District Court. If you have been accused of a crime in the Quincy area, call James G. DeGiacomo right away. He is available 24/7 at (617) 934-8585 for free consultations.