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OUI Motions

OUI Motions

If you were charged with an OUI, it is important to have an experienced OUI attorney review your case to see if one or more important OUI motions can be filed. If successful, the following motions can result in harmful evidence being kept out of the prosecutor’s case – or even the case being dismissed. Here are a sample of the motions that OUI Attorney James G. DeGiacomo looks for when reviewing an OUI case:

  • 5A Motion – This is a motion to dismiss that can be filed if the accused was not afforded a speedy bail.
  • Dibennadetto Motion – This is a motion to dismiss that can be filed if the police report does not establish probable cause for an OUI.
  • Motion to Suppress ID – This is a motion to suppress all evidence that the prosecutor has against you because you were stopped by police in violation of your Constitutional rights.
  • Motion to Suppress Statements – This is a motion to suppress any statements that you have made if you were not properly advised of your Miranda Rights.
  • Motion to Suppress the Breathalyzer – This is a motion to suppress the breathalyzer results if the police did not follow the proper procedures in its administration.

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