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I’ve been arrested for OUI … now what?

I’ve been arrested for OUI… now what?

If you or a loved one has been arrested for OUI, you are likely upset and even scared. It can be easy to just lay in bed and wish you had done things differently, however, it is important to act.

First, contact an experienced OUI attorney. An experienced OUI lawyer will be able to tell you what to expect in just a short conversation.

Here are some of the things at OUI Attorney James G. DeGiacomo goes over with their clients as soon as they call:

Understanding the charges

It is important to understand the charges you are facing. If you are facing a third or greater offense OUI then it is possible that bail will be an issue when you go to court. In addition, bail could be requested if someone was hurt during the incident.

Preserving evidence

Depending on your circumstances, there may be certain evidence that needs to be immediately requested before its lost forever. This is typically video evidence from the police station or from private businesses that may have caught the interaction with police on their cameras.

Medical Records

If you were sent to the hospital, it is important to get those records to your attorney immediately. The prosecutor will likely try to get the records for themselves, and it is important for your attorney to review them first.