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Franklin DUI Attorney – James G. DeGiacomo

 Best Franklin  DUI LawyerIt is never a good idea to accept a DUI charge without putting up a fight. The court system exists for a reason, and if you don’t take advantage of it, you could be punished more harshly than you deserve. The first step is to hire a Franklin DUI attorney. Quality legal representation helps ensure the law works for you, not against you. Here is what you should expect from any Franklin DUI attorney you choose to work with:

Expert Counsel

DUI law may seem cut and dry, but it is a lot more complicated than most drivers realize. Instead of relying on police and prosecutors to help you understand it, turn to a Franklin DUI attorney. They can use their experience to help you understand the nuances and avoid the hazards.

Evidence Gathering

A breathalyzer reading is not the only piece of evidence relevant to a DUI case. In fact, these cases can be quite complex in terms of evidence. A Franklin DUI lawyer will search for any and every relevant detail. That way, your defense is as strong as possible. Once all the facts are on the table your case may look a lot different than you expect.

Local Knowledge

A big reason you hire a Franklin DUI attorney is because they know the local police, prosecutors, and judges. That kind of experience works to your advantage. Expect your lawyer to draw on past experiences to help strengthen your case in court.

What to Expect from Your Franklin DUI Attorney

Pleading guilty and having the courts throw the book at you is never your only option. There are ways to reduce your punishment and move past your DUI faster. But only if you have the right Franklin DUI attorney on your side. Expect the one you work with to have an expansive playbook to draw from.
By now it should be clear how valuable a Franklin DUI attorney can be during a stressful and confusing time. The sooner you contact one, the stronger your case will be. Call attorney James G. DeGiacomo at 617-315-8377 for a free consultation.