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Framingham DUI Attorney

Framingham DUI Attorney

Framingham DUI Attorney
Getting a DUI is not something that anyone wants to do talk about a way to ruin your Saturday night right? Waking up groggy in the drunk tank on Sunday morning is not on my to-do list, but when you get a DUI, it is important that you act fast. While you may not be sure what you need to do when you get arrested for a DUI having the right representation is critical to making sure you are not breaking rocks for the next few months. The fact is if you get arrested for a DUI, you need to call a Framingham DUI Attorney.

After Your DUI Arrest

Driving under the influence is severely frowned up in Middlesex County and can lead to penalties including loss of license, jail time, and massive fines. When you get arrested knowing what to do and when to do it is crucial and finding a Framingham DUI Attorney is no different. At the Law Office of James G. DeGiacomo, we dedicate 100% of our litigation to defending those who have been arrested for criminal offenses. Attorney James G. DeGiacomo has the unique experience of having worked as a paralegal in college and as a prosecutor after being admitted to the bar. Because of this experience, James G. DeGiacomo has seen many areas of law and knows the strategies that will be used against you. By identifying these strategies, he can form eloquent defenses that often leave the prosecution reeling and quite often have his cases end in his favor.

Contacting A Framingham DUI Attorney

If you are ready for creative, aggressive defense for your DUI case, then you are in good hands with Framingham DUI Attorney James G. DeGiacomo. Our firm is dedicated to giving our clients that absolute best results possible in their case, and we pride ourselves on assisting them from the beginning of their case to the very end. If you would like to schedule a free consultation we are available at any time to discuss your case at 781-206-2133.