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Brookline DUI Attorney

Brookline DUI Attorney James G. DeGiacomo

Brookline DUI Attorney James G. Degiacomo

Brookline DUI Attorney

The Brookline District Court is located at 360 Washington Street, Brookline, MA. This court is where all cases that originate out of Brookline are handled. All cases in the Brookline District Court are prosecuted by the Norfolk County District Attorney’s Office. The Brookline District Court is a small court with only one courtroom open a day, it handles cases for arraignment, pre-trial, motions, and trials.

Attorney James G. DeGiacomo has handled many different types of cases out of the Brookline District Court. For more information, see below.

How to Beat an OUI Blood Draw

Blood draw evidence is a result of the defendant in an OUI being hospitalized. Typically, the hospital will draw the defendant’s blood and run a battery of tests on the blood – which will often show if they had alcohol or drugs in their system. Due to the accuracy of these tests, they can be difficult to overcome, but not impossible. The first thing you will need to do is have an experienced DUI Attorney to fight the prosecutor’s ability to obtain your medical records. If that fails, you will need to file a Motion to Suppress, which will argue that the blood draw was in violation of your 4th Amendment Rights.

Attorney James G. DeGiacomo

James G. DeGiacomo is an experienced Brookline DUI Attorney, who has successfully defended many clients in the Brookline District Court. If you were arrested for DUI or OUI in the Brookline area, call James G. DeGiacomo right away. He is available 24/7 at (617) 315-8377 for free consultations.

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