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Boston Shoplifting Attorney – James G. DeGiacomo

Boston Shoplifting Attorney

Boston Shoplifting Attorney
While it may seem like a victimless crime, shoplifting is a taken very seriously in the commonwealth. Something as simple as eating some food in the grocery store and hiding the wrapper is enough to have you arrested before you even leave the store. Other situations of shoplifting can include taking an item from a shop without paying, writing a phony check, or even switching price tags. Incredibly even hiding an object with the intent to steal it at a later time can cause you to be brought up on charges of shoplifting. If you are under investigation for, or, have been arrested for stealing you need to contact a Boston Shoplifting Attorney as soon as possible for your best chance at a good defense.

What Is Shoplifting?

In Massachusetts stealing or shoplifting is classified into two categories Petty and Grand Theft, which can be punished as either Petty or Grand Theft. Whether you will be charged with a misdemeanor or a felony and the amount of punishment has to do with the value of the item that was taken and your personal criminal history. The penalties can range from a $250.00 fine to up to 2 and a half year in jails for just a first offense. It is important that if you are arrested that you contact a Boston Shoplifting Attorney.

Having The Best Defense

Fortunately, having the right Boston Shoplifting Attorney can make all the difference. Often your lawyer will be able to have you charges reduced or completely removed. At the Law Office of James G. DeGiacomo, we have been dealing with shoplifting charges for over a decade. As a former prosecutor, James G. DeGiacomo has seen the strategies used and knows how to work against them. If you would like to schedule a free consultation we are available at any time at our office or your location. Feel free to call us at (617) 934-8585.