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Boston Drug Lawyer – Common Drug Offenses

Boston Drug Lawyer – James G. DeGiacomo

Boston Drug Lawyer

More often than not when someone gets arrested for a DUI or a mere traffic violation, there is also a drug charge involved. Whether you have a little bag of marijuana or a small amount of cocaine when you get arrested, things can go from bad to worse. For possession of drugs, you need to make sure that you have a Boston Drug Lawyer to defend you so that you get the results that you need to keep going with your life.

There are four main areas of Drug Crimes in Boston. Each zone is prosecuted slightly differently and knowing the difference between them can be instrumental in you and your Boston Drug Lawyer’s defense.

    • Posession

With the exception of possession of Marijuana, drug crimes in Boston are taken very seriously. If you are convicted of possession you can face jail time as well as massive fines. In these types of situations, it is best to seek a qualified Boston Drug Lawyer to assist you. Our office is familiar with the way that possession trials are handled and have strategies that will be instrumental in solving your problems.

    • Posession With Intent To Distribute

While it is more common that those who are arrested for possession will also be arrested for intent to distribute it is not always the case. Distribution charges are standard because when you are arrested for possession outside of your home or with a larger amount of drugs the police can usually prove that you had the intent to sell those drugs because you have so much of them. Fortunately, with the assistance of a Boston Drug Lawyer, you will be able to defeat quickly the possession portion of your charge because there is not enough to prove that you were, in fact, going to distribute them.

    • Trafficking

Drug Trafficking is a class D felony in Massachusetts and is punishable by up to fifteen years in jail. If you are convicted of trafficking cocaine or heroin, you face up to twenty years in prison with a minimum of ten years. In these types of cases, your Boston Drug Lawyer will often use a mule defense citing that you are not the one who is actually behind the major crime but simply a pawn in the operation. These types of cases must be handled with a serious amount of grace and delicacy having the right Boston Drug Lawyer can mean the difference between going home and going to jail.

    • School Zone Violation

If you are convicted of possession or distribution of a controlled substance in Massachusetts while inside or a school zone the first thing you should do is contact a Boston Drug Lawyer. While recent changes in legislation have changed the distance from a school zone from 1000 feet to 300 feet, you can still face tremendous penalties. It is important that you know you have options and that our team of Boston Drug Lawyer’s is here to help you out of any situation.

If you are arrested for any of the above charges you are probably stressed out and not sure what to do. At the Law Office of Boston Drug Lawyer James G. DeGiacomo, we have been working hand in hand with our clients through their trials for over a decade. We believe that everyone should have a fair trial, and no one should be left out in the dark. If you have been arrested for a Drug Crime in Boston, we invite you to join us for a free consultation with one of our Boston Drug Lawyer at (617) 934-8585.