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Boston Domestic Violence Lawyer – James G. DeGiacomo

Boston Domestic Violence Lawyer – James G. DeGiacomo

Boston Domestic Violence Lawyer

Allegations of Domestic Violence can be life changing. Whether you had a fight with your significant other or you are being blamed for something that you did not do addressing your charges immediately is your best chance of getting off. Boston Domestic Violence Lawyer James G. DeGiacomo spent a portion of his career working as a prosecutor and was witness to hundreds of Domestic Violence cases. By seeing Domestic Violence cases from the other side of the courtroom, James G. DeGiacomo has used his unique experience to develop winning strategies for all matters of cases. Our firm will work diligently to make sure that your case is handled quickly, professionally, and with discretion.

Our office and team of Boston Domestic Violence Lawyer’s understands your need to move quickly to your case and will use our unique strategies to get you the results that you need in your case.

Domestic Violence Allegations

While many people may not be aware of how the arrest process works when discussing Domestic Violence. The mandatory arrest policy pertains to when Domestic Violence is reported for example by a neighbor. In this case, if a neighbor was to call and say you and your significant another screaming at each other the police have to arrest one of you. While in many cases this can be beneficial to subduing the situation often the police make mistakes. While the police intend to the more culpable party, this is often the source of their error. The issue with Domestic Violence cases is that the alleged victim cannot just drop the charges like they could in a different type of case. Because of the inability to drop the charges if you have been arrested for any domestic violence crime, you should contact a Boston Domestic Violence Lawyer immediately.

The next issue with the Domestic Violence system in Massachusetts is that unless you are married to the person, you may be forced to testify against them even if the entire situation is a mistake. On the other hand, in other types of cases where divorce is in the works moralless attorneys will suggest that their client files a domestic violence charge to assist in gaining child custody. If you find yourself in this situation, you absolutely should contact a Boston Domestic Violence Lawyer to plan your defense.

Contacting A Boston Domestic Violence Lawyer

As you can tell Domestic Violence in Massachusetts can be a tough area to get around in. If you are having issues, the Law Office of James G. DeGiacomo is ready and willing to assist you through this most difficult time. We will work with you through every grain of your case and advise you on the best course of action for your charges. We will keep you up to date with every step that we take and will make you feel as comfortable as possible. If you would like to contact us for a free consultation, we are available at any time to answer your call at (617) 934-8585.