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Barnstable DUI Attorney

Barnstable DUI Attorney James G. DeGiacomo

Barnstable DUI Attorney James G. Degiacomo

Barnstable DUI Attorney

The Barnstable District Court is located at 3195 Main Street, Barnstable, MA. This court is where all cases that originate out of Barnstable, Yarmouth, and Sandwich are handled. All cases in the Barnstable District Court are prosecuted by the Cape & Islands District Attorney’s Office. The Barnstable District Court handles arraignments, pre-trials, motions, and trials.

Attorney James G. DeGiacomo has handled many different types of cases out of the Barnstable District Court. For more information, see below.

Common DUI Question: Do I have to be at every court date?

This is a common question that is asked of Attorney James G. DeGiacomo, and it is particularly important when fighting a DUI on Cape Cod, as often the defendant is not local. Unfortunately, the answer is not black and white, as it often depends on the judge and the particular case. The defendant of a complaint is required to be in court at all substantive dates, meaning arraignment, motions, and trials. However, some judges want to the defendant to be present at all dates. An experienced Barnstable OUI Attorney can ensure the judge is aware of all the relevant circumstances and put you in the best position to be able to stay at home during some of the court dates.

Attorney James G. DeGiacomo

James G. DeGiacomo is an experienced Barnstable DUI Attorney, who has successfully defended many clients in the Barnstable District Court. If you were arrested for DUI or OUI in the Barnstable area, call James G. DeGiacomo right away. He is available 24/7 at (617) 315-8377 for free consultations.

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Barnstable DUI Attorney

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