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Attleboro DUI Attorney James G. DeGiacomo

Attleboro DUI Attorney James G. Degiacomo

Attleboro DUI Attorney

The Attleboro District Court is located at 88 North Main Street in Attleboro, MA. This court is where all cases that originate out of Attleboro, Mansfield, North Attleboro, and Norton are handled. All cases in the Attleboro District Court are prosecuted by the Bristol County District Attorney’s Office. While Attleboro District Court is not a large court, usually with only two or three courtrooms open a day, it handles cases for arraignment, pre-trial, motions, and jury trials.

Attorney James G. DeGiacomo has handled many different types of cases out of the Attleboro District Court. For more information, see below.

Litigating a Motion to Suppress in a DUI Case

If you have been charged with a DUI or OUI, a motion analysis is extremely important for your case. Depending on the circumstances of your DUI case, an experienced OUI lawyer may be able to get harmful evidence against you thrown out. Some common examples of this are as follows:

  • If you were stopped without the police having the observed a motor vehicle infraction, then all evidence against you may be suppressed.
  • If you made statements without being advised of your Miranda Rights, then anything you said to the police may be suppressed.
  • If the police did not follow their strict guidelines with the breathalyzer machine, the whole test may be suppressed.

Attorney James G. DeGiacomo

James G. DeGiacomo is an experienced Attleboro DUI Attorney and Mansfield DUI Attorney, who has successfully defended many clients in the Attleboro District Court. If you were arrested for DUI or OUI in the Attleboro area, call James G. DeGiacomo right away. He is available 24/7 at (617) 315-8377 for free consultations.

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