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3rd Offense OUI Massachusetts

3rd Offense OUI Massachusetts

Third Offense OUI Penalties

Unlike a first offense OUI or a second offense OUI, a third offense OUI in Massachusetts is a felony. In addition, a conviction carries a minimum mandatory jail sentence of 180 days, and a maximum sentence of 2 ½ years. In short, if you are convicted of a third offense OUI you will go to jail. In addition to the jail time, you can expect to face thousands of dollars of fines, and a license loss of five years.

Prior Convictions

If you are charged with a third offense OUI, one of the first things that Attorney James G. DeGiacomo will ask you about is your prior convictions. Because Massachusetts has a life time look back for OUIs, it is important to do everything possible to attack those prior convictions in order to avoid jail time and a lengthy loss of license.

Chemical Test Refusals

If you refused the breathalyzer during your third offense OUI arrest, then the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles will suspend your license for eight years. This eight years will be stacked on top of the five-year suspension if you are convicted. Because of this, you need an experienced OUI attorney to review your case and defend your rights in court and at the RMV.

Because of the mandatory jail time and extremely long license suspension that occurs with a third offense OUI, you need to call Attorney James G. DeGiacomo today if you have been charged or arrested for a free case evaluation at 617-315-8377. He is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, three hundred and sixty-five days a year.